Atlanta’s Inman Park Is Full Of Charm!!!

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Inman Park is one of Intown Atlanta’s most popular and was the first planned residential suburbs developed by Joel Hurt. Joel Hurt was a very important early builder in Atlanta. Inman park is located just 2 miles from Downtown Atlanta. Because Inman park is a well established community, streets are full of canopied trees. Springvale Park is located in the center of the Inman Park neighborhood.

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Found in this historic district are examples of Queen Anne architecture, Colonial Revival, and Shingle Style homes and bungalows. Some notable buildings include the Jacobean Revival home designed by Atlanta architect W. T. Downing, called the Ernest Woodruff House, built in 1902.

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Distinctive landscape features also characterize Inman Park. In addition to the two triangles of open space at the intersection of Euclid and Edgewood avenues, known as the Triangle and the Delta, Springvale Park provides a large corridor of green space in the center of the area. Inman Park’s landscape designer was James Forsyth Johnson. Inman Park later influenced the growth of other Atlanta suburbs in the late 19th century.